The First Convention

The Second Convention in London is described in detail here.

The First Convention for Higher Education

The 2013 Convention (a two-day conference at the University of Brighton) consisted of a variety of reflections on the context and character of the changes being imposed on the sector by the Coalition Government, and as a result of changes introduced by previous Labour administrations.

Amongst the contributions were the following (click on the screens to view).

Martin McQuillan (Kingston and CDBU) considered philosophy’s contribution to understanding the neo-liberal changes.

Peter Scott (IoE, and previously VC of Kingston University) reflected on the neo-liberal marketisation of HE.

Priya Gopal (Cambridge).

Thomas Docherty (Warwick) delivered a paper on citizenship and the university in a reconfigured world.

Des Freedman (Goldsmiths) spoke about the rationing and distortion of knowledge.

Gill Scott (Brighton) described the reconfiguration of he Humanities at Brighton to survive the changes.

Martin Hall (VC at Salford) argued for a revisioning of the university from a different perspective.

John Holmwood (Sheffield and CPU) talked about the relation between democracy and the marketisation of universities.

Harriet Bradley (Bristol) spoke about Higher Education Managerialism and how to combat it.

Terry Brotherstone introduced a discussion about governance, the Prodzynski Review and the Scottish situation.

Tom Hickey (Brighton) spoke about the the UCU, the campaigns, and different strategies for resistance.


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