HE Convention for the defence of Higher Education

Consider passing this motion, or a version of it, through your trade union branch, student union, professional society or campaigning organisation.

This <organisation> notes

  1. The Government’s Green Paper, Fulfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice, outlines the blueprint for the wholesale privatisation of Higher Education in England.
  2. Central to this privatisation is the provision of increasing student fees, new debt for part-time students, permitting bankruptcy for Universities and a new inspection regime, the Teaching Excellence Framework, which imposes defined norms for provision.
  3. Claims in the Green Paper that the changes will improve access and equality to disadvantaged groups have no justification.
  4. The organising of an important Convention for Higher Education bringing together members of the UCU with campaigning groups, including the Council for the Defence of British Universities and the Campaign for the Public University to be held on Saturday 27th February.

This <organisation> believes

  1. Privatisation will not improve quality for students and increasing student debt will not increase access to higher education amongst disadvantaged groups.
  2. New entrants, and accompanying plans for exit, will undermine confidence in the reputation and quality of higher education for all students.
  3. The introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework will significantly undermine academic freedom and the linkages between teaching, scholarship and research embedded within Higher Education.
  4. A campaign bringing UCU and wider groups within the academy has the potential to stop the Green Paper’s proposals.

This <organisation> resolves

  1. To support the HE Convention by providing a donation of £XX, to publicise the HE Convention among our membership and encourage participation by funding the attendance of six or more members to the HE Convention.
  2. To initiate a seminar on the HE Convention in our University over the following semester using the HE Convention material and model as a framework.
  3. To undertake political campaigning by writing to our MPs calling for them to oppose the proposals in the Green Paper.
  4. [For UCU branches] To send a motion to the UCU Congress committing UCU to oppose the TEF and the expected government privatisation bill which will emerge from the Green Paper.