Students will lose out in for-profit universities (Guardian 20 May)

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The Government’s White Paper, Success as a Knowledge Economy, views Higher Education as if it were nothing more than an investment in human capital and a contributor to economic growth. It accepts that current universities are world-leading in teaching and research but then falsely asserts there is a problem of quality! The solution to this non-existent problem, the Government claims, is to open the sector to private for-profit teaching providers.

The proposed unitary ‘Office for Students’ is little more than an agency to ensure market competition. Ofstud is not intended to support students, but rather to enable private providers to have access to high tuition fees, to be staffed by board members with ‘the experience of fostering choice and competition, and of robust financial control’.

Students are supposedly ‘at the heart of the system’, yet the quality regime proposed – the Teaching Excellence Framework – includes no direct measures of teaching quality. Rather it is designed to facilitate increases in fees, with the possibility of a more radical lifting of the fee cap in the future once the new arrangements are established.

The Government claims these arrangements will maintain quality in higher education, but the history of for-profit higher education is littered with poor student outcomes, and with spending more on marketing and profit-sharing than on instruction. For-profits are able to do this precisely because they are ‘unbundled’ institutions relieved – now by proposed Government legislation on degree-awarding powers and the title of university – of the wider functions of a university.

Vice Chancellors have gone along with the conversion of public funding of higher education into a debt-fee model of funding to maintain their revenues. This was always a bargain struck against the interest of students, but now the very idea of a university is at stake. We call upon our colleagues and the wider public to speak out to put the values of a university, of academic freedom and of genuine quality education for all who can benefit, where these values belong: at the heart of the system.

Our vision, published as an Alternative White Paper for HE, will be published very shortly.


Professor John Holmwood (Nottingham, and Campaign for the Public University, CPU)
Elizabeth Lawrence (Sheffield Hallam, UCU President)
Sean Wallis (UCL and UCU NEC)
Tom Hickey (Brighton UCU)
Professor Howard Hotson (Oxford)
Lee Jones (Queen Mary and CPU)
Rachel Cohen (City and UCU NEC elect)
Carlo Morelli (Dundee and UCU NEC)
Professor Barry Smart (Portsmouth and CDBU)
Professor Andreas Bieler (Nottingham and UCU NEC)
Professor Des Freedman (Goldsmiths UCU)
Professor Natalie Fenton (Goldsmiths UCU)
Professor Gurminder K Bhambra (Warwick and CPU)
Jo McNeill (Liverpool and UCU NEC)
Saira Weiner (Liverpool John Moores and UCU NEC)
Marion Hersh (Glasgow and UCU NEC)
Dr Patricia McManus (Brighton and UCU NEC)
Xanthe Whittaker (Leicester and UCU NEC)
Dr Lesley McGorrigan (Leeds and UCU NEC)
Professor Paul Blackledge (Leeds Beckett and UCU NEC)
Dr Carles Ibanez (Edinburgh Napier and EIS NEC)
Sean Vernell (City & Islington FE and UCU NEC elect)
Mandy Brown (Lambeth College FE and UCU NEC)
Amy Jowett (Hackney ACE and UCU NEC)
Jo Frankham (Liverpool John Moores)
Billie Loebner (Middlesex)
Professor Michael Burden (New College, Oxford)
Professor Phil Taylor (Strathclyde)
Dr Ann Kaloski Naylor (York)
Neil Davidson (Glasgow UCU)
Daniel Nehring (Worcester UCU)
Professor Tim O’Sullivan (De Montfort (retd.))
Dr Tracey Hill (Bath Spa UCU)
Charlie Louth (Oxford)
Dr Kate Tunstall (Oxford)
Kerry Harman (Birkbeck)
Emily Grabham (Kent)
Professor Philip Moriarty (Nottingham)
Professor Malcolm Povey (Leeds UCU)
Dr Simon Cross (Nottingham Trent UCU)
Professor Nadje Al-Ali (SOAS)
Karen West (Aston UCU)
Dr Stephen Kemp (Edinburgh)
Professor Tim May (Durham)
Richie Nimmo (Manchester)
John Yandell (UCL Institute of Education UCU)
Timo Jütten (Essex)
Michael Carley (Bath UCU)
Professor Zenon Bankowski (Edinburgh (retd.))
Professor Luke Martell (Sussex UCU)
Dr Milly Williamson (Brunel)
Professor Monica McLean (Nottingham)
Professor Michael Loughlin (Manchester Metropolitan UCU)
John Heathershaw (Exeter UCU)
Professor Bill Bowring (Birkbeck)
Marina Vishmidt (Brighton)
Kerry Harman (Birkbeck)
Dr Rowland Curtis (Queen Mary)
Professor Susanne Kord (UCL)
Dr Andrew Warstat (Manchester Metropolitan)
Professor Andrew Bowie (Royal Holloway)
Professor Richard Hall (De Montfort UCU)
Dr David Cunningham (Westminster)
Gill Branston (Cardiff)
Professor Sean Sayers (Kent (retd.))
Professor William Outhwaite (Newcastle)
Ewen Speed (Essex)
Dr Claire Launchbury (School of Advanced Study, London UCU)
Eugene Nulman (Birmingham City)
Justin Cruickshank (Birmingham)
Iain Frame (Kent)
Professor Lyn Innes (Kent (retd.))
Dr Jonathan Vickery (Warwick)
Dr Mike Finn (Warwick, CPU)
Michael Bailey (Essex UCU)
Dr Martin Fry (UCL UCU)
Professor Lucie Clapp (UCL)
Bernard Sharratt (Kent)
Fenella Cannell (LSE)
Ioana Cerasella Chis (Birmingham)
Professor Geoff King (Brunel)
Professor John Holford (Nottingham)
Robin Leslie (independent scholar (retd.))
Professor John Horne (UCLan UCU)
Professor Ruth Aylett (Heriot-Watt)
Dr Yuliya Yurchenko (Greenwich)
Dr Stephen Gregg (Bath Spa)
Margot Hill (Croydon College, FE)
James Hampshire (Sussex)
Sue Millard (Cumbria (retd.))
Elio Di Muccio (Birmingham UCU)
Dr Elizabeth Wright (Bath Spa)
Richard Carabine (Birkbeck UCU)
Dr Myshele Haywood
Professor Bridget Anderson (Oxford)
Dr Astrid Köhler (Queen Mary)
Professor Elizabeth Boa (Nottingham)
Professor Max Farrar (Leeds Beckett (retd.))
Professor David Owen (Southampton)
Professor Peter Scott (UCL Institute of Education)
Kevin McSorley (Portsmouth)
Dr Silke Arnold-de Simine (Birkbeck)
Dr Lara Montesinos Coleman (Sussex)
Stefanie Kreibich (Bangor)
Professor David Colquhoun (UCL)
Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia (UCL UCU)
Dr Deirdre O’Neill (Brunel)
Steve Jones (Nottingham Trent UCU)
Simon Choat (Kingston)
Dr Anne-Marie Kramer (Notttingham)
Linda Etchart (Birkbeck UCU)
John Downer (Bristol)
Professor Jenny Bourne Taylor (Sussex (retd.))
Peter Ely (Kingston)
Dr James Miller (Kingston)
Dr Jerry Goodenough (UEA)
Julian Wells (Kingston)
Professor David McLellan (Kent (retd.))
Dr Rex McKenzie (Kingston)
Rachael Dobson (Kingston)
Craig Martin (Edinburgh UCU)
David McCallam (Sheffield)
James Grealy (SOH)
Gabriel Newfield (Hertfordshire (retired pro-director))
Andreas Zaunseder (Edinburgh)
Anthony Dennis (Kingston)
Professor Trish Greenhalgh (Oxford)
Professor Julia Twigg (Kent)
Dr James Reynolds (Kingston)
Professor Gregor McLennan (Bristol)
Dr Michael L Walters (Hertfordshire)
Jane Goldman (Glasgow)
Maria Daskalaki (Kingston)
Dr Stephen Bates (Birmingham)
Isy Hart (Edinburgh)
Professor W. Daniel Wilson (Royal Holloway)
Joanne Lee (Sheffield Hallam)
Winsome Pinnock (Kingston UCU)
Professor Pauline Foster (St Mary’s)
Marko Attila Hoare (Kingston)
Professor Adrian Coyle (Kingston)
Dr Mark Toogood (UCLan)
Professor Dennis Leech (Warwick (retd.))
Professor Peter Hallward (Kingston)
Dr Linda Milbourne (Birkbeck UCU)
Professor Sue White (Birmingham)
Liam Campling (Queen Mary)
Dr Pam Lowe (Aston)
Professor Paul Alan Barker (London)
Dr Brenna Bhandar (SOAS)
Alpesh Maisuria (East London)
Dr Ian Revie (Edinburgh (retd.))
Maud Anne Bracke (Glasgow)
Professor Rachel Beckles Willson (Royal Holloway)
Professor Bella Dicks (Cardiff)
Dr David Archibald (Glasgow)
William McKenzie (St Hilda’s College, Oxford)
Dr Jerome Carroll (Nottingham)
Nicola Pratt (Warwick)
Dr Sue Abbott (Northumbria)
Lisa Kalayji (Edinburgh UCU)
Professor Louise Cummings (Nottingham Trent)
Dr David Brewster (West of England)
Dr Sin Yi Cheung (Cardiff)
Liz Morrish (Nottingham Trent)
Dr Henry Bond (Kingston)
Dr Jonathan Preminger (Cardiff)
Dr George Tsogas (Birkbeck UCU)
Pat Devine (Manchester)
Dr Patrick O’Neill (Kingston)
Alexandra Kulagina (Edinburgh)
Dr David Evans (St Mary’s)
Catherine Duxbury (Colchester Institute)
Nadia Edmond (Brighton UCU)
Christina Butler (Kingston)
Laura Povoledo (UWE UCU)
Dr Rachel Swann (Cardiff)
Dr Anna Traianou (Goldsmiths)
Gordon Asher (West of Scotland)
Dr Annmarie Hughes (Glasgow)
Professor Adam Gearey (Birkbeck)
Dr Anna Kemp (Queen Mary)
Rhys Howell (Edinburgh)
Femi David (Cardiff)
Paul Flaig (Aberdeen)
Dr Fatima Maria Felisberti (Kingston)
Dr Suhail Malik (Goldsmiths)
Professor Glenn Bowman (Kent)
Karen Hurley (Kingston)
Andy Harper (Goldsmiths)
Dr. Simon Sheikh (Goldsmiths)
Becca Searle (Brighton)
Dr Linda Moore (Ulster UCU)
Professor Kay Peggs (Winchester UCU and CDBU)
Professor Sonu Shamdasani (UCL)
John Fletcher (Kingston)
Dr Sherrill Stroschein (UCL)
Marian Mayer (Bournemouth UCU)
Carol Cody (City of Liverpool College UCU)
Dr Andy Fugard (UCL UCU)
Mark Campbell (London Metropolitan UCU)
David Hardman (London Metropolitan UCU)
Christina Paine (London Metropolitan UCU)
David Mabb (Goldsmiths)
Mike Cushman (LSE)
Dr Geoff Abbott (Newcastle)
Dr Edgar Schmitz (Goldsmiths)
Ian Hunt (Goldsmiths)
Lewis Jones (London Metropolitan)
Professor Ritchie Robertson (Oxford)
Professor Maggie O’Neill (York UCU)
Dr Nicolas Van Labeke (Leeds)
Dr John Narayan (Warwick)
Lucy Parker (Kingston)
Yann lebeau (East Anglia)
Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby (Kent)
Dr Daragh O’Reilly (Sheffield)
Julius Elster (Birmingham)
Professor Katrin Kohl (Oxford)
Professor Kevin Clements (Otago, Dunedin NZ)
Christopher Roche (Bath UCU)
Dr Philip Walden (Independent Scholar)
Paul Reynolds (Edge Hill)
Dr Stacy Gillis (Newcastle)
Miao Zhang (Kingston)
Professor Barbara Adam (Cardiff (retd.))
Professor Rasigan Maharajh (Institute for Economic Research on Innovation)
Dr Rosemary Shirley (Manchester Metropolitan)
Professor Michael Wayne (Brunel)
Dr Graham Smith (Royal Holloway)
Dr Jill Steans (Birmingham)
Eleanor Suess (Kingston)
Dr Thomas Moore (Westminster)
Sarah Mosedale (Lancaster)
Anna Francis (Staffordshire)
Dr Steve Davies (Cardiff)
Mary Newbold (UCLan)
Dr Johan Siebers (Middlesex)
Claire Blencowe (Warwick)
Alice Dal Gobbo (Cardiff)
Jessie Abrahams (Cardiff)
Dr João Florêncio (Exeter)
Georgia Butler (Kingston)
Professor Ralph Fevre (Cardiff)
Fiona Wilson (Staffordshire)
Professor Julian Petley (Brunel)
Dr Gilda Williams (Goldsmiths)
Dr Alun R. Coker (UCL)
Dr William McEvoy (Sussex)
Professor Janette Webb (Edinburgh)
Dr Michael Minden (Cambridge)
Professor Christopher J Hall (York St John)
Professor Philip Welch (Bristol)
Dr Caroline Wright (Warwick)
Malcolm MacLean (Gloucestershire)
Professor Alison Sealey (Lancaster)
Dr James Hoggett (West of England)
Dr Fruela Fernandez (Newcastle)
Dr Karen Evans (Liverpool and UCU NEC)
Professor Jeff Astley (Durham (retd.))
Professor Diana Paton (Newcastle)
Dr Laura McMahon (Cambridge)
Dr Rachel Rosen (UCL)
Penny Andrews (Sheffield)
Sue Renton (Edinburgh)
Susan Diab (Brighton)
Dr Thibaut Maus de Rolley (UCL)
Renata Albuquerque (SOAS)
Rachel Lander (Westminster UCU)
Dr Uta Papen (Lancaster)
Dr Rinella Cere (Sheffield Hallam)
Chi Roberts (London Metropolitan)
Dr Emma Wadsworth (Cardiff)
Professor Elias Cueto (Zaragoza, Spain)
Dr Verina Gfader (Goldsmiths)
Professor Jorge Diaz-Cintas (UCL)
Dr Jann Matlock (UCL)
Professor Bob Brecher (Brighton)
Tony Whelan (LSE)
Joe Smith (Stirling UCU)
R Doubleday (Cardiff)
Sally Patalong (Coventry)
Professor Jonathan Davies (De Montford)
Professor Roger Brown (Liverpool Hope)
Dr Wendy Russell (Gloucestershire)
Dr Christopher Groves (Cardiff)
Dr Steve Klee (Kent)
Alan J Ryan (De Montford UCU)
Carol Ann Dowd (Striling)
Lynne Pettinger (Warwick)
Mark Newman (UCL Institute of Education)
Ciara Doyle (Greenwich UCU)
Dr Dagmar Paulus (UCL)
Dr Helmut Schmitz (Warwick)
Dr Christian Heitsch (Brunel UCU)
Dr Carina Girvan (Cardiff)
Professor Hans Hahn (Oxford Brookes (retd.))
Dr Jane Turner (London Metropolitan)
Dr Graeme Hayes (Aston)
Professor Matthias Uecker (Nottingham)
Dr Katy Price (Queen Mary)
Professor Javier Campos (Zaragoza, Spain)
John Giddins (UCU Organiser)
Hannah O’Mahoney (Cardiff)
Dr Nicholas Haeffner (London Metropolitan)
Dr Tracey Potts (Nottingham)
Todd Mei (Kent)
Mike Searby (Kingston UCU)
Professor Stephen Bax (Open)
Dr. Seth Mehl (Sheffield)
Dr Gareth Thomas (Cardiff)
Simon Martin (Goldsmiths)
Dr Catherine Johnson (Nottingham)
Lucy Mayblin (Sheffield)
Kate Maclean (Birkbeck)
Alasdair Cochrane (Sheffield)
Professor Martin Paul Eve (Birkbeck)
Kate Smith (Goldsmiths)
Dr Sophie Hallett (Cardiff)
Polina Baum-Talmor (Cardiff)
Dr Cecile Brich (York St John)
Nina Schmidt (Sheffield)
Professor Lynne Segal (Birkbeck)
Peter Espersen (East Anglia)
Professor Ken Jones (Goldsmiths (retd.))
Professor Matthew Flinders (Sheffield, Chair, Political Studies Association)
Professor Jonathan Joseph (Sheffield)
Gary Fooks (Aston)
Dr Ahmed Younis (Kingston)
Professor Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee (Warwick)
Maria Federica Moscati (Sussex)
Gerald Crompton (Kent (retd.))
Tom Frost (Sussex)
Dr. Ahmed Younis (Kingston)
Professor Timothy Gorringe (Exeter (retd.))
Clare Cunningham (York St John)
Dr Sabina Avdagic (Sussex)
Adam Hansen (Northumbria UCU)
Dr Sabina Avdagic (Sussex)
Simon Avery (Cardiff)
Angus Bancroft (Edinburgh)
Professor Jennifer Platt (Sussex (retd.))
Dr Sabina Avdagic (Sussex)
Dr Eleanor Rycroft (Bristol)
Professor Patrick Ainley (Greenwich)
Professor David James (Cardiff)
Sally Kindberg (Freelance Author/illustrator)
Dr Caroline Ardrey (Sheffield)
Dr Ben Selwyn (Sussex)
Francesca Pia Vantaggiato (East Anglia)
Dr. Samuel Solomon (Sussex)
Jeremy Page (Sussex)
Sam Marsh (Sheffield)
Professor Rupert Brown (Sussex)
Dr. Mary Madden (Leeds)
Professor Karen Lowton (Sussex UCU)
Dr Leanne-Marie McCarthy-Cotter (Sheffield)
Mark O’Reilly (Dundee)
Dr Kenneth Veitch (Sussex)
Dr David Stewart (Univerity of Liverpool)
Dr Joe Turner (Sheffield)
John Drury (Sussex, UCU)
Lucy Finchett-Maddock (Sussex)
Dr Camilla Royle (King’s)
Will Podmore (British School of Osteopathy UCU)
Dr Roland-Francois Lack (UCL)
Simon Marsden (Liverpool)
Barrie Levine (Glasgow Caledonian)
Bonnie Camplin (Goldsmiths)
Dr Aisling O’Sullivan (Sussex)
Tamar Steinitz (Goldsmiths)
Dr. Galia Kollectiv (Reading)
Pil Kollectiv (Reading)
Dr Elizabeth Elliott (Aberdeen)
Andrew Chitty (Sussex)
Sue Mew (Middlesex)
Andrew Blair (Sussex)
Josep Cru (Newcastle)
Dr Wendy Hein (Birkbeck)
Ioannis Katsaroumpas (Sussex)
Adam Gilbert (Sussex)
Dr Adrian Millican (Sheffield)
Dr Ipek Demir (Leicester)
Dr Ioanna Ioannou (UCL and UCU NEC)
Aaron Kahn (Sussex)
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg (Birkbeck)
Professor Paul Webb (Sussex)
James Gordon Finlayson (Sussex)
Dr Elizabeth Barry (Warwick)
Rachel Lewis (Warwick)
Professor Karen O’Reilly (Loughborough)
Dr Geoff Williams (UCL UCU)
Stevienna de Saille (Sheffield)
Dr Rachael Gilmour (Queen Mary)
Andrew Huddleston (Birkbeck)
Dr Peter M. Lewis (London Metropolitan)
Darren Fox (Liverpool)
Dr Peter Fletcher (Keele) Dr
David Anderson (Edinburgh)
Kepa Artaraz (Brighton)
Professor Finn Fordham (Royal Holloway)
Dr Jack Newsinger (Leicester)
Dr Joanne Smith Finley (Newcastle)
Professor Andrew Taylor (Sheffield)
Vincent Quinn (Sussex)
Dr Mary Phillips (Bristol)
Dr Catalina Neculai (Coventry)
Melania Fodritto (Bournemouth)
Dr Michael H. Whitworth (Oxford)
Dr Christine Achinger (Warwick)
Dr Iain Crinson (St George’s, London)
Dr Luke Brunning (Oxford)
Aimie Purser (Nottingham)
Claudia Lapping (UCL Institute of Education)
Liz Chandler (Manchester)
Jennifer Hampton (Cardiff)
Dr Nathan Waddell (Nottingham)
Professor Bill Brewer (King’s)
Professor Richard Bateman (Reading and Kew)
Viv Kendon (Durham) Reader
Professor Marian Hobson CBE, FBA (Queen Mary (retd.))
Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor (Leicester)
Helen Johnson (Brighton)
Dr Stuart Gillespie (Glasgow)
Dr Baris Cayli (Derby)
Professor Satvinder S. Juss (King’s College London)
Gordon Campbell (Leicester)
Duska Radosavljevic (Kent)
Ruth Ford (Anglia Ruskin)
Harvey Goldstein (Bristol)
Professor Chris Walsh (Chester)
Dr David Sergeant (Plymouth)
Dr Carl Walker (Brighton)
Dr Alex Latham (Sussex)
Professor Christine Piper (Brunel (retd.))
Professor John F. Allen (UCL)
Professor Andreas Vogt (Liverpool)
Professor Anne Sheppard (Royal Holloway, London)
Helen Swift (St Hilda’s College, Oxford)
Dr Simon Bowes (Greenwich)
Dr Marie Isabel Matthews-Schlinzig (Durham)
Professor Nickie Charles (Warwick)
Dr James Underwood (Hull & BGU)
Professor Maggie Humm (East London UCU (retd.))
Professor Jim Tomlinson (Glasgow)
Dr Lindsey Moore (Lancaster)
Professor Theresa Buckland (Roehampton)
John Child (Sussex)
Dr Sharon Morein (Anglia Ruskin)
Dr Martin Widmer (Royal Holloway)
Dr Aidan Byrne (Wolverhampton UCU)
Professor Laura Doan (Manchester)
Professor Paul Trayhurn (Buckingham and Liverpool)
Richard Sloan (Yorkshire Deanery, Leeds (retd.))
Baroness Deech (Oxford (retd.))
Liam Clegg (York)
Dr Elena Marchevska (London South Bank)
Dr Michael Szpakowski (Writtle College)
Dr Alwyn Jones (De Montfort)
Dr Philip Morgan (Keele)
Bruce Watson (Royal Holloway (retd.))
Professor Simon Dyson (De Montfort)
Dr Sam Clark (Lancaster)
Dr Cath Lambert (Warwick)
Dr Alexandra M. Kokoli (Middlesex)
Mhairi Morris (De Montfort)
Nick Webber (De Montfort)
Dr Philip Morgan (Keele)
John Eyers (London (retd.))
Dr Helena Howe (Sussex)
Susan Kelly (Goldsmiths College)
Ann Lawlor (De Montfort)
Professor Simon Jarvis (Cambridge)
Professor Alan Finlayson (East Anglia)
Dr Richard Tutton (Lancaster)
Rupert Hildyard (Lincoln)
Sarah Crook (Queen Mary)
Professor Eric Herring (Bristol)
Dr Adam Brown (De Montfort)
Dr Irene Morra (Cardiff)
Ben Davies (Portsmouth)
Professor Peter Bright (Anglia Ruskin)
Professor John Watts (Oxford)
Professor Dorothy Bishop (Oxford)
Dr Emily Robinson (Sussex)
Bronislaw Szerszynski (Lancaster)
Dr Stephen Cowley (Cambridge)
Professor David I. Clarke (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Joanne Wood (Lancaster)
Professor Daniel Katz (Warwick)
Mick Finlay (Anglia Ruskin)
Dr Kim Allen (Leeds)
Peter Bradley (Bath)
Dr Ben Fincham (Sussex)
Professor Alan Bradshaw (Royal Holloway)
Dr Matthew Wingate (Cambridge)
Professor Jeff Hill (De Montfort (retd.))
Alison Chisholm (Sussex)
Dr Anne Cronin (Lancaster)
Jerome Fletcher (Falmouth)
Manuela Barz (London Metropolitan)
Dr Matt Hayler (Birmingham)
Professor Ann Jefferson (Oxford)
James Stafford (Cambridge)
Karen Pitchford (De Montfort)
Jeremy Valentine (QMU Edinburgh)
Professor Richard Norman (Kent (retd.))
Dr Robin Damion
Dr Alison Wood (Cambridge)
Dr Sophie Gamwell (De Montfort)
Dr Keith Wilson (Glasgow)
Dr Michael Costen (Bristol)
Dr Dean Stroud (Cardiff)
Professor Jeffrey Bowers (Bristol)
Paul Booth (Keele)
Dr Nicholas Collins (Warwick)
Professor Lisa Tickner (Courtauld Institute of Art)
Nicholas Maxwell (University College London (retd.))
Maureen Spencer (Middlesex)
Helen Sauntson (York St John)
Matthew McQuillan (London Metropolitan)
Professor Vicky Lebeau (Sussex)
Julian Lewis (Bath UCU)
Dr Will Tattersdill (Birmingham)
Professor David Adger (Queen Mary)
Professor Anne Fuchs (Warwick)
Doreen Crawford (De Montfort)
Mehdi Husaini (Teesside UCU)
Dr Laura Harvey (Surrey) Surrey UCU
Professor David Pattie (Chester)
Dr Nicole Reinhardt (Durham)
Dr Daniel Burrows (Brighton)
Dr Peter Ramsay (LSE)
Ulrike Balser (Cambridge)
Dr Simon Jones (Stirling)
Dr Shadreck Mwale (Brighton)
Dr Geoff Hall (De Montfort)
Dr Marissia Fragkou (Canterbury Christ Church)
Dr Roger May MBE JP (S.E. London and Kent Postgradute GP Education (retd.))
Sir Keith Thomas (Oxford and CDBU)
K A Simon (London)
Professor Hartmut Logemann (Bath UCU)
Gyorgy Toth (Stirling)
Dr Katy Layton-Jones (Open)
Professor David Smith (Lancaster (retd.))
Professor Eleanor Dickey (Reading) (Reading)
Professor Leslie Smith (Stirling)
Henrique Carvalho (Warwick)
Neil Dyson (De Montfort)
Dr Ros Temple (Oxford)
Dr Will Kay (Stirling)
Professor Crispin Wright (Stirling and New York Universities)
Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith (Stirling)
Dr Marijn (Warwick)
Dr Savi Maharaj (Stirling)
Professor Bob Jessop (Lancaster)
Dr Craig Holmes (Oxford)
Professor Jill Peay (LSE)
Will Davies (Goldsmiths)
Jo Murkens (LSE)
Professor Gavin Dingwall (De Montfort)
Anja Timm (Southampton)
Dr Eric Chowanietz (De Montfort)
Sara De Benedictis (Nottingham)
Professor Rachel Norman (Stirling)
Chris Downs (Chichester UCU)
Professor Martin Swales (UCL (retd.))
Dr. Andrew Hass (Stirling)
Oliver Levy (Middlesex)
Tom Greaves (UEA)
Dr Julia Welland (Warwick)
Jon Lee (London South Bank)
Dr Greg Singh (Stirling)
Dr Richard Greenough (De Montfort)
Dr Katherine Johnson (Brighton)
Dr Jozsef Farkas (Stirling)
Alan Carr (Open (retd.), former President and Treasurer UCU)
Professor Munro Price (Bradford)
Professor Donald McGillivray (Sussex)
Jon Dean (Sheffield Hallam)
Dr Lorcan Whitehead (Essex)
Barbara Graham (Stirling)
Kenneth Reid (Stirling)
Stuart White (Oxford)
Katherine Angel (Kingston)
Professor Warwick Gould FRSL FEA, FRSA (School of Advanced Study, London (retd.))
Gill Foster (London South Bank)
Dr James Benedict Brown (De Montfort)
Professor Andrew Miller (Stirling (retd.))
Dr Sam Kinsley (Exeter)
Dr Jason Scott-Warren (Cambridge)
Yaron Golan (Newcastle)
Kirsty Finn (Lancaster)
David Nowell Smith (East Anglia)
Matthias Kispert (University of The Arts, London)
Lindy Barbour (Edinburgh)
Anna Baildon (Bath)
Dr Barbara Leonardi (Stirling)
Professor Paul J Bailey (Durham)
Dr Katie Beswick(Exeter)
Dr Julie Hearn (Lancaster, UCU NEC elect)
Steve McRobb (De Montfort (retd.))
Dr Craig Duffy (LSHTM)
Professor Alistair Jump (Stirling)
Melanie Lovatt (Sheffield)
Professor Adrian Kear (Aberystwyth)
Anil Herat (Freelance)
Dr Claire Waterton (Lancaster)
Professor Maire Messenger Davies (Ulster)
Professor Murdo Macdonald (Dundee)
Dr Claire Duncanson (Edinburgh)
Dr Cristian Serdean (De Montfort UCU)
Matthew Donoghue (Hertfordshire)
Dr Joseph Ronan (Brighton)
Laura Salisbury (Exeter)
Emmanuelle Tulle (Glasgow Caledonian UCU)
Dr Austin Griffiths (De Montfort UCU)
Mary Garrison (York)
Dr Christophe Michel (Stirling)
Professor Michael Brady (Glasgow)
Rod Eley (Independent Scholar, Edinburgh (retd.))
Dr Ruth McGinity (Manchester)
Dr Patrick Duggan (Surrey)
Dr Sergio Rigoletto (Glasgow)
Mike Hall (Brighton)
Brian Holton (Edinburgh Durham, Newcastle, Hong Kong Polytechnic (retd.))
Cathy Bergin (Brighton)
Dr Nicholas Pyall (London Metropolitan)
Professor Emma Clery (Southampton)
Dr Will Buckingham (De Montfort)
Priscilla Kam (Manchester)
Dr David S. Moon (Bath)
Dr Andrew Wyllie (West of England)
Cristina Delgado-García (Birmingham)
Dr Chris Hesketh (Oxford Brookes)
Professor Ronald Barnett (UCL Institute of Education)
Dr Cristina Delgado-Garcia (Birmingham)
Naomi Brooks (Stirling) Lecturer
Dr David Taylor (Warwick)
Henry Lucas (Institute of Development Studies (retd.))
Andreas Schonle (Queen Mary) Professor
Marilena Zaroulia (Winchester) Dr
Nicholas Taylor (Warwick)
Malcolm Cooper (Methodist Church of Britain)
Dr Joseph M Bradley (Stirling)
Dr Mark Ellis (University of Worcester)
Professor Kay Schiller (Durham)
Dr Alison Jasper (Stirling UCU)
Kelli Rudolph (Kent)
Dr Jordan Kistler (Birmingham)
Christopher Land (Leicester)
Dr Katy Greenland (Cardiff)
Paul McMenemy (Stirling)
Lena Wanggren (Edinburgh)
David Harvie (Leicester)
Aylwyn Walsh (Lincoln)
Dr Insa Koch(LSE)
Dr Odul Bozkurt (Sussex UCU)
Timothy Peace (Stirling)
Dr Philip Hager (Winchester)
Claire Harrill (Birmingham)
Dr Markus Wohlfeil (Stirling)
Philip Stanier (Winchester)
Professor Jo Moran-Ellis (Sussex)
Professor Andrew Miller (Stirling (retd.))
Dr Alexander Brownlee (Stirling)
Martin Ward (De Montfort)
Leila Galloway (De Montfort)
Professor Ray Kiely (Queen Mary)
Dr Karoline Wiesner (Bristol)
Professor Jon Agar (UCL)
Professor Andrea Brady (Queen Mary)
Dr Graeme Gilloch (Lancaster)
Dr Peter Fifield (Birkbeck)
Dr Steve Rolfe (Stirling)
Diana Policarpo (Goldsmiths)
Roman Vasseur (Kingston)
Leslie Crang (Senate House Library)
Dr Peter Wilson (LSE)
Andrew Zurcher (Queens’ College, Cambridge)
Teresa Finlay (Oxford Brookes)
Dr Ngai-Ling Sum (Lancaster)
Alice Leonard (Neuchatel)
Titus Hjelm (UCL)
Dr Shami Ghosh (Toronto)
Dr Kevin Hilliard (Oxford)
Professor Markus Damian (Bristol)
Dr Karenza Moore (Lancaster)
Ben Marsden (Aberdeen)
Dr Marwan Fayed (Stirling)
Maja Milatovic-Ovadia (Kent)
Jasmine Shadrackn (Northampton)
Dr Chrissie Rogers (Aston)
Professor Andrew Louth (Durham (retd.))
Dr D’Maris Coffman (UCL Bartlett)
Andrew Law (Newcastle)
Chris Grover (Lancaster)
Dr Rowan Tomlinson (Bristol)
Professor Thomas Charles-Edwards (Oxford)
Dr Lucy Neville (Middlesex)
Dr Matthew Nelson (SOAS)
Dr Erica Wald (Goldsmiths)
Mark Walters (Sussex)
Dr Lee Gregory (Birmingham)
Professor Charles Warlow (Edinburgh (retd.))
Laura Mitchell (Keele)
Dr Stewart Martin (Middlesex)
Dr Melani Schroeter (Reading)
Jenny Carter (De Montfort)
Ali Rummey (Brighton)
Professor Trevor Hussey (Bucks New University of Oxford (retd.))
Dermot Lynott (Lancaster)
Professor David Murphy (Stirling)
Professor Thomas Docherty (Warwick)
Sinead Garrigan Mattar (Cambridge)
Dr Joanne Kalogeras (LSE)
Dr Katherine Ebury (Sheffield)
Dr Ian Thompson (Newcastle)
Dr Dominic Kelly (Warwick)
Alison Humphries (Bath, UNITE)
Sharma Ramkissoon (Kingston)
Professor Monika Kostera (The Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Professor Carron Shankland (Stirling)
Professor Joanne Begiato (Oxford Brookes)
Jonathan Payne (De Montfort)
Dr Thomas Chesney (Nottingham)
Samuel Baeza (Chichester)
Chheang Phea (Riverkids foundation)
Dr Peter Bounds (De Montfort)
Dr Alison Harvey (Leicester)
Dr Ullrich Haase (Manchester Metropolitan)
Dr Jamie Woodcock (Cass Business School)
Ben Venfield (Brunel)
Martin Greenhow (Brunel)
Dr Piotr Cieplak (Brunel)
Yohai Hakak (Brunel)
Dr Rick Jones (Leeds)
Peter Woodward (Imperial UCU)
Professor Christopher Fox (Brunel)
Dr Edward Thompson (De Montfort)
Dr Robert Webber (De Montfort)
Dr Demetris Zavros (Wolverhampton)
Eric Hirsch (Brunel)
Professor John Trinick (Leeds)
Professor Raphael Salkie (Brighton)
Alexander Sedlmaier (Bangor)
Jeff Vass (Southampton)
Dr Nadarajah Manivannan (Brunel)
Dr Andrew Clark (Brunel)
Dr Tony Sullivan (London College of Fashion)
Dr Sarmin Hossain (Brunel)
Dr Chrissie Rogers (Aston)
Dr John Mattausch (Royal Holloway)
Nicholas Hunter (Birmingham)
Ian Rickard (Durham)
Dr Efrosyni Boutsikas (Kent)
Dr Clark Brundin (Director and President, Templeton College, Oxford)
Professor Jeff Hearn (Huddersfield)
Colin Tyler (Hull) Professor
Professor Michael Gold (Royal Holloway London)
John Mctague (Bristol)
Peter Wilkin (Brunel)
Professor David Pattie (Chester)
Professor James Ladyman (Bristol)
Dr Jerzy Kociatkiewicz (Sheffield UCU)
Dr Naaz Rashid (Sussex UCU)
Dr Jamie Melrose (Bristol UCU)
Tony Knight (Kent)
Dr. Thom Scott-Phillips (Durham)
Dr Elizabeth Evans (Nottingham)
Graham Cochrane (Stirling)
Dr Colin Moran (Stirling)          [772 initial signatures, more on the iPetitions website]

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