Manchester redundancies letter

Stop the Manchester cuts and redundancies

To be submitted to the Guardian.

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As staff across UK universities we are appalled at the proposed staffing cuts at the University of Manchester (Guardian, 13.05.17) including but not limited to the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, and Alliance Manchester Business School. The proposals meant that 171 members of staff are set to be axed despite annual income from tuition fees exceeding £423 million (2015/16). The way in which these cuts are being made and the treatment of these committed teachers and respected scholars is abhorrent.

Unfortunately these plans are resonant of a Higher Education system now rooted in the market and underpinned by rampant managerialism that has little interest in critical public and inclusive education and a general disregard for the views or experience of academic staff. At the same time as cutting 171 jobs, the University plan to create 100+ posts for early-career academics. In our experience these positions are unlikely to offer security in contractual terms or opportunities to pursue scholarship.

In the context of Manchester University’s plans and our own current experience in universities, the necessity for a government committed to an alternative model of higher, further and adult education which will abandon a system based upon crude market competition and league tables, and abolish student fees and debts has never been more urgent.

Prof Sian Moore, University of Greenwich
Prof Andy Danford, University of Leicester
Prof Phil Taylor, University of Strathclyde
Elizabeth Lawrence, Sheffield Hallam University (retd.), UCU Immediate Past President
Marion Hersh, University of Glasgow, UCU NEC member
Sean Wallis, University College London, UCU NEC member, UCU Branch Vice President
Paul Errington, Teeside University, UCU NEC member, Senior lecturer
Xanthe Whittaker, University of Leeds, UCU NEC member
Jon Fanning, University of York, UCU committee
Gordon Asher, University of the West of Scotland
Richard Holmes, University of Bradford
Helen Mayall, Manchester Metropolitan University, UCU Site Convenor
Carol Cody, City of Liverpool College, UCU NW Women’s Equality Officer
John Yandell, Institute of Education, University College London, UCU Branch Secretary
Saladin Meckled-Garcia, University College London, Senior Lecturer, UCU Branch President
Tom Hickey, University of Brighton, Council for the Defence of British Universities
Lisa Palmer, Birmingham City University
Prof Dennis Leech, University of Warwick (retd.)
Prof David Midgley, University of Cambridge (retd,), Council for the Defence of British Universities
Rich Moth, Liverpool Hope University
Mehdi Husaini, Teesside University, Lecturer (retd.)
Elane Heffernan, Hackney College, UCU NEC elect
Marian Meyer, Bournemouth University, Senior Lecturer, UCU Branch Vice Chair
Tim Goodall, University of Leeds, UCU Branch President
William Edmondson, University of Birmingham (retd.), UCU Chair, West Midlands Retired Members
Christina Purcell, Manchester Metropolitan University, Lecturer
Geraldine Lee-Treweek, Manchester Metropolitan University, Principal Lecturer
Joao Florencio, University of Exeter, Lecturer, UCU LGBT Members Standing Committee
Annie Jones, Sheffield Hallam University
Rajesh Patel, Manchester Metropolitan University, Senior Lecturer
Mandy Brown, Lambeth College, UCU NEC
Gabriella Alberti, University of Leeds, UCU Equality Officer
Ruth Dar, University College London (retd.), UCU Branch Treasurer
Eda Ulus, University of Leicester, Lecturer
Julie Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University
Prof Julian Williams, Manchester University
Prof Helen Colley, Manchester University
Cuneyt Suheyl Ozveren, Abertay University, UCU Branch President
Sean Doyle, UCL Institute of Education, Lecturer
Prof Cahal McLaughlin, Queens University Belfast

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