London Met: the TEF dystopia claims its principled victims

London Metropolitan University (LMU) is in the process of enthusiastically transforming itself into something approaching the White Paper Ideal. Whereas most VCs are expressing serious objections to the reduction of teaching to the TEF, one VC stands out in its support: John Raftery, Vice Chancellor of LMU. The newly-appointed Chair of Governors is a Senior Vice President, Global Growth at Pearsons.

We are beginning to see what this means in practice.

lmu proximityThis last year has seen the closure of much of the existing campus and the announcement of over 100 job losses, including the Chair and Secretary of the local UCU branch, Mark Campbell and David Hardman. This was followed up in June by a further announcement of 395 job losses for 2016-17, an astounding third of staff, to be replaced by ultra-casualised lecturers on zero-hour contracts.

David and Mark found out today that their appeals against redundancy were not upheld. Colleagues are encouraged to sign the open letter to the Times Higher and take other actions in their support.

London Met is a test case. Disposing of out-spoken union representatives is clearly an advantage as the university seeks to move to this ultra-casualised, speculative teaching business model – and potentially, full privatisation of the university.

You have been warned…

Reinstate Mark and David: Say ‘NO’ to victimisation of union reps

Dear colleagues

We sadly have to report to colleagues that we (David Hardman and Mark Campbell) have been unsuccessful in our appeals against redundancy from our positions at London Metropolitan University. As you may know, we are the two negotiators for UCU at London Met, being the branch secretary and chair, respectively. David is also the Secretary of UCU London Region and Mark is the Chair of the UCU London Region HE Committee.

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